Thursday, December 4, 2008

Leaving Prague

My parents, Jon and I woke early Monday morning so we could grab breakfast, view the castle in Prague and head out for our next adventure in the Czech Republic in a timely fashion! We packed all of our bags and headed for the car to load everything up. They say with every vacation there is always a "speed bump." Well, in our case it was more like "where in the world is my car" bump. We walked to the street where our car was parked, only to find that it was no longer there!!!! I just sat there in awe, like a deer in head lights for a couple of minutes, while Jon was already heading back to the apartment to call the police station. Come to find out, we were parked in a residential zone and our car had been towed sometime in the evening or early that morning!!!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME.
I was so amazed and proud of Jon, because being in a completely different country where not many people speak English, he battled the language barrier and got our car back in less than an hour. I don't know what I would have done in that situation without Jon! I would have walked around for 30 minutes trying to figure out how to begin to get my car back!!! lol. After spending over 100 dollars to get our car out of tow, we met my parents at a restaurant where they were having breakfast. I was starving at this point so we chowed down and headed for the Palace.

Statues outside the palace gates.

The palace

My folks

At the palace they were having a changing of the guards ceremony so they were not letting anyone inside. Due to this, we decided to head to the monastery before we left town.

Jon and I on the way to the monastery.

I love all of the colorful buildings.

The monastery

I'm not sure what our deal is with taking pictures inside these little wall crevasses.
I looked through our pictures and we have like 10??

The monastery was beautiful, with the trees lining the entrance. There were so many people in and out of the monastery we decided not to go inside and went on our way to Cesky Krumlov.

Luckily the drive was only two hours so we got there at about 3:00, still an hour and a half of daylight. We arrived at our apartments, The Castle View Apartments which we read about in one of Rick Steve's books and were very pleased with the place.

Jon standing outside of the Castle View Apartments.

The stairs leading to our apartment. I really like the painting.

The bedroom my parents stayed in.

Our bedroom

The living and dining area.

The kitchen

After unpacking we rushed outside so we could at
least see a couple of sights before it got too dark.
This is the river that runs through Cesky Krumlov

The Castle

A beautiful statue, with the castle behind it.

The castle tower

One of the many winding streets through Cesky Krumlov,
with the castle in the background.

Jon with my mom

Steve and Jon

An awesome picture of the castle at night

The woman working at the apartment reception desk,
recommended this restaurant for dinner.
It is an authentic Czech restaurant.

We got a platter for 4 people.
An army could have eaten this.
There was sooooo much food.

I filled my plate full. I ate ham with sourkraut, potato cakes, more potatoe,
I tried Quail, and a little rabbit. Everything was AMAZING.

Jon, Steve and Mona at the restaurant

Jon and I

We were all extremely exhausted from the towing incident and traveling, we decided to call it a night so we could get up extra early and explore!
More of the Cesky Krumlov adventure to come tomorrow!

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valerie said...

Thank you SO much for the wonderful present I received in the mail today. I was so excited to see that I actually had a package and then when I opened it, I was so happy to see the Starbucks mug & the adorable little coke can.
I posted about it on my blog.
You guys are so thoughtful. I fully expected to get a mug maybe some day when you all moved back or came to visit.
Thank you! It truly made my day.

I'm sorry to hear about the car being towed. Bummer....

Again, the pictures look lovely.
I love the castle at night.

These will be memories to cherish forever!