Saturday, December 13, 2008

Dear Persons Below and Above Me

Dear Persons Below:

Why is it that you play your very annoying techno music very loudly during the day so that I can not enjoy reading New Moon. Why do you listen to techno at all. I cannot concentrate while I am reading because I constantly here thump thump thump under my feet and for some odd reason cannot block you out like I can most things. Please turn your music down so I don't rip my hair out, I just got it colored and cut and I really like it now. But you might drive me to a bald head.

Dear Persons Above:

I absolutely love love love children; I have 5 nieces and nephews back home and hope to have children some day (a long time down the road). But your children are terrible. Or is it ma'am, that you do not control your kids. You let them run all day long back and forth through your house (which my parents would have never allowed) and I can hear every single step they make because of the wood floors you have. Don't get me wrong I think children should have fun and should be able to have fun, but outside! I can also hear them screaming and crying because I'm guessing the person who built this building back in the medieval days made the floors paper thin. I wish you could hear how loud you are. At first I just tired to ignore it, because I again love children and never want to make a person think otherwise, but now it seems like it is getting worse and worse. Not to mention hearing the kiddos running at full speed first thing at 6:30 in the morning. Nothing better than waking up to a stampede of wild elephants above you. I wish you would teach your children to not stand in front of my apartment door and scream and cry when you are leaving for the day. I am not one to complain but you make me want to scream and cry too.

Ah, the joys of living in a brownstone!
I really am not complaining, I love it here. I've just never really lived under and above loud tenants. I must have woken up on the wrong side of the bed.

A bit a coffee and a breakfast burrito will make it all better
Have a wonderful weekend


Allison said...

UGH! so irritating. That is part of the reason we moved...annoying single airmen next door having parties ALL the time and loud, crying child downstairs. OH, and also squawking pet bird next door...and constantly barking dog behind us....

Unknown said...

That is such a pain! I used to live in this apt with these crazy kids that used to run up and down the hallway and slam the door. SO ANNOYING! Hope your burrito helps :)

amy (metz) walker said...

Oh that's just the worst. We lived above a poor couple once and I was stressed for 6 months because our lab, Cooper, never sits still. She would get up on the bed, look out the window, jump down, and do this over and over. They hated us...I hated us for them! But that was the only apartment they had! Ugh! Sorry

valerie said...

So sorry Stephanie.
Maybe you should try earplugs.;)

Tell Jon I got his message & that I'm very sure Miss Brandii has everything he ever done while growing up stored in a very special place. She's always been just a tad proud of her she should be.

Brian came down last night. Dan grilled steaks. Kris was meeting some friends for dinner so Zack joined us. Brian was in an extra funny mood. We laughed a lot.

Have a good weekend and I hope your neighbors quieten down a little.