Friday, December 5, 2008

Checkin' Out Cesky Krumlov

Early Tuesday morning we continued our adventure around Cesky Krumlov. The church is one of the many sights we wanted to see while we were here.

The steps to the church

Information about the church. It was built in 1549.

My parents in front of the church door.

We went inside the church and it was unbelievably beautiful.
We were not allowed to take pictures which was totally understandable,
but I cannot explain how amazing it was without pictures.

Outside of the church

Trying to fit the entire church into one picture!

We walked to the back of the church grounds to find this wonderful view.

Jon trying to enter this tiny Czech door

We continued on our way to the Castle.
This is a view of our walk, the castle can be seen in the distance.

The castle

Jon and I at the entrance of the castle.

Statues at the entrance

My parents climbing to the top

A sign dial reading 12:25

Jon and me being living statues

A view from the castle walls

My parents

The castle tower. We wanted to see the view from the tower so we decided to trek the 164 steps to the top!

My mom walking to the top

A view from a little window in the tower

The tower bell

Jon and I being our usual silly goofs!

As we climbed to the top, the steps got more and more narrow

Jon reaching the top

The beautiful view from the top of the castle tower

After walking the thousands of steps and finally reaching the top we realized we hadn't eaten lunch and it was nearly 1:00p.m. We found a nice restaurant downtown and had a wonderful relaxing lunch.

We finished lunch and continued walking around drinking spiced wine we bought from vendors downtown. We stopped at several shops and bought souvenirs and pashminas. Of course I continued taking pictures.

Silly bear!

Finally it was getting dark so we started heading back to our apartment for the evening. There is a neat Czech restaurant right across from the apartment building we were staying in so we thought we would eat dinner there. Inside as you walk in the door there is a large fire pit which they cook the food over. There is seating right by the pit, but it was all reserved for the evening so we sat near the back of the restaurant. Again we had way too much to eat, because there portions are ginormous! But it was all so very yummy and totally worth it.

Jon and I at the restaurant.

My Parents!

What a wonderful trip we had to the Czech Republic. We saw so many wonderful sights and had a blast together. I look forward to our next adventure!

Oh and my parents 6 year anniversary was yesterday!!! They've actually been together for 13 years, but were finally married December 4, 2002!
HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! We spent their anniversary shopping and had dinner at a nice restaurant back in Germany. (I forgot my camera!)

Have a wonderful weekend!

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