Saturday, February 28, 2009


First off I wanted to say THANKS so much for all of your advice about the hub's sleeping prob! You all gave me so many great suggestions and I think Jon is hip to the idea of taking Melatonin. SO we will be buying some today. You guys are so awesome, I really appreciate your help, thanks again!

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My dad sent me this video the other day in an email.

Don't try this at home

Seriously what was this guy thinking??

Have a great weekend everyone!

Friday, February 27, 2009

A Little Bit of This and a Little Bit of That

Let me tell you how wonderful my husband is! Knowing I was in a gloomy mood yesterday, he stopped by a flower shop on the way home and brought me this.

Isn't that the cutest little flower you've ever seen.
A single rose in a little red pot.
I told him it reminded me of Little Shop of Horrors

"feed me Seymour."

I absolutely love it!

Yesterday was kind of a bummer day. I was so sad to see my brother leave, but I know he'll be able to come visit again sometime this year. I guess I just enjoy having visitors and spending time with family. Of course after about a week or two I'm ready for them to leave ;) (Totally kidding, but really.) When they leave it makes me miss Oklahoma that much more.

But, at the end of the day, I am just so lucky and blessed to have such an amazing, caring, and thoughtful husband. (Among many other adjectives I could fill this entire post with.) He's been so great lately, I've gotten flowers twice in the last month and he hasn't done this since we first started dating! I must be doing something right, I have been cooking a lot more lately and making some awesome dinners. Maybe that's it ;)

As you probably know from reading my blog, Jon and I LOVE movies. And since we don't have satellite TV (personal choice) we watch A LOT of movies. Yesterday I popped over to the movie rental place and grabbed a couple new releases. First, Burn After Reading which we've already seen, but an excellent choice I must say. Second, Lakeview Terrace.

Awesome flick guys, action packed and as the back of the DVD so perfectly states "a tense and exciting thriller." You should definitely check it out. I think Samuel L. is such a great actor. I kept grabbing onto Jon's leg and asking him what was going to happen! YA I'm that person who asks really annoying questions even though he's never seen the movie either. Or I scream out what I think is going to happen. (I'm usually right!)
Rent it!


Hubby is having problems sleeping at night. He wakes up smack dab in the middle of the night wide awake and can't go back to sleep. He just wakes up and stares at the ceiling for hours, with nothing serious on his mind. I asked him if he is worrying about something or if anything is bothering him and he says he's completely fine, that everything is great, he just doesn't understand why he wakes up like this. Last night he did it again. He has no idea why this is happening and last night he had nothing on his mind, other than the fact that he couldn't sleep.

Well this in turn keeps me awake and last night we just ended up watching a movie at 3:00 a.m.
Does anyone have any suggestions or advice to help him sleep. Are there herbal vitamins or something to that effect that he can take. He's not to keen on taking any serious sleeping meds. He gets so frustrated because he is so tired during the day after not being able to sleep at night. Today we are both dragging.
Thanks to any advice

Ooh also, I was reading my Domino magazine the other day and saw a cute idea for old wine bottles. Since Jon and I drink wine on a regular basis (almost every night) we have a numerous wine bottles around. I grabbed three of my favorite that are green glass and turned them into these.
Click to enlarge

I soaked the wine labels off with warm sudsy water.

I thought they brought some fun color to my kitchen and I love the green. The squatty bottle in front is a wine bottle too, isn't that crazy. It actually looks like a vase and I think that is why Jon and I bought it. We often do that with wine. If we find a bottle we really like, we snag in and hope the wine is worth drinking.

Well I'm off. Lots to do today. I hope everyone has a wonderful Friday! TGIF. I am so happy it is Friday ;)

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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Zoo Trip

My brother and I are still kids at heart, so a trip to the zoo is a perfect day for us.
Of course it was an overcast and cold day in Germany, but we lucked out and got through the entire zoo without a drop of rain. Here are just a few photos from the Frankfurt Zoo.

This guy wasn't to happy about being photographed.
Sleepy girl
Squirrel Monkeys
Turtles on a log
EwwwwwViolin MantisCamels

And my most favorite picture from our day!


Have a wonderful Thursday everyone!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Yippie For Care Packages!

I received a package yesterday from a wonderful friend who means so much to me, Valerie.

She sent me a wonderful book called The Prayer of Jesus For You. It's 30 days, 30 ways closer to God.

I had asked her about a week or two ago for her ideas on a good study bible. And she was so kind to give me several suggestions and surprised me with this wonderful package. I am so glad to have a book like this!

Valerie is Brian's mother and Brian is our best friend back in Oklahoma. We miss him dearly. But I am so thankful we have been able to keep in touch with both of them. We love them both so much.

She also sent me a plaque. It reads.... "Many People Will Walk In and Out of Your Life But Only True Friends Will Leave Footprints in Your Heart."

I found the perfect spot for it on my entry way side table! I absolutely love it!

Thanks so much Val, you don't know how much this meant to me. It made my entire day! Well, actually my entire week. You are truly a wonderful friend!

Not only did I receive that package from Valerie, but my mom sent me a package for Valentines Day as well. She sent me a bunch of coffee from my step dad's business.

She sent some much needed face wash and face lotion and some more hair product for the hubs. She also sent this cute little milk and sugar set that is perfect for our kitchen and adds some much needed color!
Isn't it adorable?!

THANKS SO MUCH MOM!!!! I love all of the care packages you send. It means so much to Jon and I to receive something from you and a little something from the States!
We love you.

Jon and I are so blessed to have such wonderful friends and family!

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Have a great Wednesday everyone!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Adventure to Amsterdam

Hey guys, I'm finally back! I feel like I haven't blogged in forever. Having my brother here has been a blast. We have had such a great time, I am so glad he was able to come visit us.

Just a little recap of our weekend. (Beware, it's a little lenghty, but mostly consists of pictures.) Thursday we took Sean to one of your favorite restaurants here, Brauhaus. Of course they are a German restaurant with great food, but their beer is awesome. (they brew their own beer.)

Jon and Sean in front of the Brauhaus
Sean and me (his hair grew and so did he, he's so tall)
Jon and Me
During the weekend we headed to Amsterdam. I have been wanting to visit Amsterdam since we moved to Germany. Not only does it have beautiful architecture, but canals run throughout the entire city, I just knew it would be amazing to see. I also remembered Anne Frank's house is in Amsterdam and I was really looking forward to seeing where her and her family lived during WWII.

On the way to the Netherlands we stopped in Cologne (Koln), Germany to grab a quick bite and see the Dom Cathedral. We had completely forgotten about Fasching (German Mardi Gras,) and the streets were swamped with people dressed in crazy outfits, like it was Halloween. We walked briskly through the crowd to capture a couple of photos of the Cathedral for Sean and very quickly made our way out of the masses. It was just afternoon and the streets were already packed with people, stores were boarding up their windows getting ready for the crazy night and we were just in awe at how everyone was dressed. Too fun!
Click on the picture to enlarge.

After checking out Koln and eating at our favorite Mexican restaurant we made our way to Amsterdam!! Here are pictures from our arrival.
Our fun and fancy hotel room. I had no idea it was so fancy until we arrived.

The view as you exit the hotel

Our walk around Amsterdam

The best part of the Red Light District

The Red Light District was very interesting. Let's just leave it at that!
I found the swans the most interesting though. I love these birds, they are beautiful. I guess people feed them because there are swarms of ducks, swans and some other strange duck type birds around this area. I was so glad to see this. I thought they were so pretty.

After 6 hours of walking throughout the city of Amsterdam, we stopped by an Irish pub for a quick beer and afterward found a doner shop and woofed down some Kebabs.

The next morning I woke the guys pretty early, we all got ready and made our way to Anne Frank's house. We got their early in hopes to beat the mad line, which we succeded! There were only four people ahead of us in line.

Let me tell you guys, this was such an amazing thing to see. I had goosebumps the entire time and was in awe at the fact that I was standing in the Frank's home, where they hid for two years during World War II. It was unbealivable to see their hidaway behind the bookshelf and to stand in the room where Anne actually wrote her diary. It was definitely a touching moment.

The Anne Frank Museum and The Frank's Home

Good thing we got to the museum when we did.
The line was wrapped around the building.

The view from Anne Frank's house

After visiting the museum we continued walking and seeing the sights Amsterdam had to offer

We had a fabulous time and I really can't wait to visit Amsterdam again when we have more time to stay. I want to visit the Van Gogh Museum and a couple of other museums. Just walking through the city and to see the beautiful buildings and the canals was enough for me. Hopefully we can visit in the spring when the tulips are blooming, that would be fantastic to see.