Sunday, February 8, 2009

Day Trip to Bratislava

Thanks to the suggestion of a fellow expat, The Young Traveler, we decided to visit Slovakia while we were in such close proximity, being in Austria. Jon and I awoke early Saturday morning, grabbed breakfast and headed for Bratislava, Slovakia. Luckily the drive was only an hour and worth seeing, because of the beautiful scenery. Not to mention, God graced us with the best weather, Thank you!

Driving through the country side of Austria.
Before traveling to Bratislava we researched sites to see while we were there. One of the sites we most wanted to see was the Devin Castle remains. Jon and I love architecture, but to see remains of something that was once a beautifully orchestrated castle, is just remarkable. We couldn't have picked a better landmark to visit.

The Devin Castle

The view from the top of the fortress

My rock climber

After seeing the Devin Castle we made our way to the center of town in attempt to see Bratislava Caste. After arriving it was apparent I wouldn't be getting any good photographs as to the fact they were in the middle of restoring the exterior of the castle.

Here is what we did capture of the castle.

After visiting the castle we both really wanted to take the time to visit the downtown area of Bratislava. Here are the pictures we captured.

Downtown, Bratislava

We planned on visiting Hungary yesterday as well, but were completely taken aback by how pretty Bratislava actually was. We were told there wasn't much to see, but both Jon and I enjoyed this town immensely. I am so glad we took the time to actually venture into the city and see the downtown area. It was such a treat and I think we captured some really great photographs of our adventure to Slovakia.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!


Bella@That damn expat said...

Did you stop at that shopping city on the border? It has awesome outlet stores.

teebird150 said...

My wife and i were also told there wasn't much to Bratislava - but we had a fantastic time there. Seeing those sculptures brought back great memories - especially the guy poking his head out from the man-hole!

I recommend the boat trip up the Danube from/to Vienna - amazing views!

thanks for posting

Impulsive Addict said...

I'm so completely jealous of your life right now! I'm living vicariously through you for a while.

erin - heart in ireland said...

That looks absolutely amazing! I wish Ireland wasn't an island so it would be easier to travel around Europe from where I am!

I really wanted to go to Austria, Hungary and Slovakia but I've just run out of time!

jlc said...

Omg that 5th picture looks like a Dali painting! So surreal.

I love all of them though!! The roads, the way the trees are shaped, unlikes anything here. Enjoy enjoy!! :)

Kathy's Red Door Welcome said...

More beautiful pictures. I love Europe, so much history and art for the soul. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. I'm not sure how this whole comment thing works,I haven't been blogging very long, so I left you a comment under my last post as well.

Lindsey said...

LOVE the pictures! You guys are so darn cute!

YAY so glad you found good sushi! I eat my sushi that fast too, it's just so good!

Young Traveler said...

Hooray for Bratislava!! Let me know if you and Jon ever come to Zurich. We'll do it up right.

Great pictures. Loved them.

d.a.r. said...

So amazing!!! I am dying of jealousy right now :)

And thanks for your encouraging comment earlier, it meant a lot.

~Mrs. Guru~ said...

Again, such beautiful pictures!!

Kebi Cedawna said...

Just Gorgeous! You two are so blessed

Lisha said...

Oh my goodness...Steph! It looks absolutely amazing!!! I'm so jealous of you right now! I'm so glad you guys got to go.

morewineplease said...

freaking amazing! I am really so jealous! What an awesome experience this is for you guys!

JennyLee said...

It is so awesome that you and your hubby are able to visit such amazing placaes so young!