Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christmas Past

Every year for Christmas my mother would have a Christmas card made with our picture on it. You know the typical Christmas card (which I totally appreciate now and love doing.) Before Jon and I got married I was going through boxes and boxes of pictures to put together our wedding slide show and I came across the best picture I've ever seen. I honestly don't remember taking this picture at all! When my mom was here for her visit I pulled it out and we laughed for like 10 minutes straight about this poor pitiful picture.

Don't be fooled by the Rorschach test behind us, this is a holiday card my mother had made!
Yes that is me with the permed hair and bangs posing awkwardly, my brother in a tux and bow tie and my wonderful mother! (Mom I really do love this card.) This card makes me belly laugh every time I see it. Click on the picture to enlarge it.

We really did have some wonderful Christmas pictures made, this was the only questionable one that I could find. I totally had to share it! If anyone else has some "questionable" Christmas pictures/photo cards, I'd love to see them!

Now this picture was taken at Jon's first Christmas by his mother. This picture to me is the epitome of a perfect Christmas picture. Baby with a bow on his head watching his dad open his first present, "Santa" leaning over to watch as well and a beautiful Christmas tree in the background. Wonderful job Brandii!

Every year when Sean and I got old enough to take it upon ourselves to get pictures made, we would get a picture made of the two of us because our family loves stuff like that. But in all of the years it was super hard for us to take normal posing pictures. We would go to the photographer and be our silly selves and end up with some amazing candid shots of us being completely hilarious. I wish I had some of them scanned into my computer. I will work on that and try to get them up.

Two Christmas's ago Sean and I thought it would be hilarious to wear tacky Christmas sweaters to our family Christmas. Now, we have like 4 family Christmases we have to attend and we wore those sweaters to all of them. One of our Christmas dinners we attend, everyone dresses up nice and it's a bit more formal where you try and put on your best behavior but Sean and I just thought to heck with it we are wearing our awesome teddy bear Christmas sweaters. Here we are:

We are just too much

Only one week til Christmas!


Allison said...

oh. my. that first photo is SOOOOO 90s :) too funny!!!

Bella@That damn expat said...

Ahaha that's one ugly perm you got there.
Are you sure you are a hair stylist? :-P

valerie said...

Gotta love those perms! God knows I had my share of them! How fun though...I love those kind of good belly laughs.

And I couldn't believe how much "Santa" looks like Jon.
What an adorable picture though.

Oh I have some I could share. A few my kids would absolutely kill me if I put on here, so....

Thanks for sharing. I loved this post!