Monday, August 11, 2008

A Wiesbaden Weekend

To start:
Jon and I got the apartment we were looking at downtown! We move in October 1st and are super excited about it. The hotel life is starting to get old quick. The house is perfect because it is close enough for Jon to ride his back to and from work. I also love the we have a balcony both in the front and also right outside of the master bedroom. This is the outside of our apartment, we are on the second floor.

Jon and I really couldn't wait for this weekend. Every year Wiesbaden has a wine festival, 100's of vineyards come to this fair to promote their wines. We were super excited to attend. There were also vendors selling bratwursts, pork sandwiches, pizza, etc, of course we couldn't wait to eat some German food.
Friday Night Jon, myself and several auditors along with their spouses went to the fest. Here are some pictures of our evening.

Of course I had to take another picture of the church.

Jon and I in front of one of the vendors

The Festival

A live band! They were singing songs from Dirty Dancing! lol

He was dancing like they do in the movie

Look at this pretzel, isn't that crazy huge.

Shannon, Randy, Don, Jon and I

Saturday, James and Heddy, two of Jon's co-workers came to our hotel and took us on a little outing. If you don't already know, Jon and I are huge wine connoisseurs in the making. We love trying new wines and have taken classes in the past to learn about grape growing, harvesting, the chemistry behind wine making, etc. It's our dream to have our own vineyard someday! Wiesbaden is filled with vineyards, so James drove us to some nearby crops. I honestly have never seen so many in all my life. It was incredible. Anywhere there was a small plot of land a vineyard would be growing there. It is actually quite comical at the size of some of the smaller vineyards. And on the other hand it is unbelievable how large most vineyards are.
They took us to a restaurant overlooking the Rhine River and Rhinegau, (the wine region in Wiesbaden). What an experience this was. The view was fantastic and unbelievably romantic! I can't even being to explain how amazing it was. So I'll show you pictures instead ;)

The view from the restaurant


valerie said...

I'm so glad you got the apartment. It looks great!
I love all of the pictures. Those of the vineyard are beautiful!
Stephanie, "they" (Brian) can make fun of us all they want about picture taking....we don't care, do we? I always tell my family they'll appreciate me some day.;)
I carry a big enough purse that my camera is always with me. One never knows what great picture might be missed if one doesn't have a camera with them. :)
Keep having fun and keep sharing.
I love seeing what's going on and how everything looks.

Kristen said...

The apartment sounds/looks amazing! October isn't too far away either! Can't wait to see the inside pics...the master balcony sounds like it's straight from a movie :)
The festival looked like tons of fun, and I think anything with wine makes for a darn good time!