Friday, August 29, 2008

One Month

Today is our one month mark in Germany. I have to say I really have enjoyed being here so far. (Even though I have been sick) I am really starting to get used to being in Wiesbaden. There really is so much to do and so much to see. (If you have a vehicle.) We really look forward to moving into our place on October 1st. It couldn't get here any sooner, but when it comes down to it the hotel isn't terrible. I think the idea of being able to call some place home is what is getting to me. Some place to just get sorted and get our life back to normal. I can't wait to go to Ikea and start buying furniture for our new place. They have an Ikea down the road in Wiesbaden! I also can't wait for Jon and I to be able to cook a nice meal. We have been eating out for breakfast, lunch and dinner and I can't say I'm getting any skinnier by doing this. We really do enjoy cooking, and buying fresh produce and meat at the market is going to be so exciting. Not to mention a lot healthier for us both. I think once we are sorted in our new place and back on a routine I will find Germany even more wonderful!

Last night Jon and I went to this great restaurant, The Brauhaus!
We were so happy to get to eat here. This restaurant is too far of a walk, but luckily one of the ladies in Jon's office gave us her car until next Thursday. She is on vacation and asked if we would like to use it and of course we jumped at the opportunity. It is a little difficult to get around without a vehicle but we have been making it work. We will get our car September 30! Anyway.....I just love the food at The Brauhaus and the atmosphere. The people are very nice and speak English which makes it a lot better, especially since we are still trying to learn our basic German! We plan on taking our families here when they come to visit because they do have authentic German food and we think that they would just love it. Here are the pictures from our evening.

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valerie said...

The zoo pictures were great.
I know what you mean about getting a place and getting settled in. A woman just needs a kitchen!
Everything you've shared is amazing though. I just love the blog because we can share so much of what's going on in our lives from day to day.
Like our vacations....I'm sure people don't really want to sit and listen to all my details, but on here they can read a little at a time and look at the pictures at their convenience.
We miss you guys. Kristen got her hair done here yesterday. I haven't seen it since I was in Norman.
I'm anxious for you to get your car and house.
Keep in touch & tell Jon hello!