Thursday, May 28, 2009

Adventures in Paris: Day 2

Sunday we headed out to check out some shops near the Louvre. Sadly all stores were closed, which I should have known better, most stores are closed in Germany every Sunday. Instead we grabbed breakfast at a cafe near the Louvre. After several cups of coffee, salt pancakes and crepes with bananas and nutella, we caught a train to Moulin Rouge.

Paintings along the entrance.
We then walked to Sacre Coeur, stopping to take pictures along the way.
I can not get enough of the beautiful streets.

Sacre Coeur

Sunday afternoon was HOT! We all knew there was no way we could climb to the top to see Sacre Coeur up close, so instead we found a cafe near by for some wine, cheese and a chance to cool off.
Afterward we made our way to the metro and took a train to Notre Dame.
Here are several pictures from our visit to Notre Dame and a little of the surrounding area.
Click on the pictures to enlarge.

After walking around for several hours we headed back to the hotel to rest and freshen up.
We really wanted to see Paris at night, so after our short rest we headed out on the town.
Click on pictures to enlarge.

It was a wonderful evening, the weather was perfect.
Hope you guys enjoyed the second day of our trip to Paris.
There's more to come tomorrow!
Thanks so much for reading along!

Hope you all have a wonderful Thursday! The weekend is almost here!


Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

I think I shopped at some of those same stores!

I love the cute pictures you guys took, as if your holding the tower up and leaning against it. Too cute! I wish I would have thought to do that!

Jen McCrady said...

i'm so jealous! i want to go!!!!

Allison said...

aaah! I can't wait to go back!! I love Paris soo sooo much :)

Liana said...

you're making me jealous with the crepes! you had so much better weather than i had over spring break...great pictures!

Lindsey said...

Amazing pictures!!! I am so jealous and even more excited to get to Paris someday and see all of this beauty in person!

Emily said...

Hiii steph! Im in love with your new header! I freaking LOVE it and I am, as always, in love with all your pictures.. move back to oklahoma and make me copies of all of them:) U are an amazing photographer.. you really could frame and sell some of these...
Oh and now I am even more convinced I need a camera like you:) ive missed reading your blog!

Unknown said...

Holy crap those are some awesome pictures! I love the ones that look like ya'll are leaning right against the Eiffle Tower, so creative!Good luck with the laundry:p

lola said...

oh my goodness. first of all, beautiful pictures. second, could you please take me with you, as I would love to be rolled around in a cart (because I'd eat too much) to all these delish sounding places! crepes with banana and nutella? wine? cheese? *le sigh*

JennyLee said...

As usual your pics are amazing. That food looks amazing!

tootie said...

Your pictures are so gorgeous!!

jlc said...

AHHHHHHH my heart.

it just stopped.

reading this post!!

I was talking about all these sites with my students today! ohhhh if i could just fly over there now!

Lisa said...

Gorgeous photos! I need to go visit France! I'm so jealous of all your travels!

I especially like the one of you two "leaning" against the Eiffel Tower. :)

valerie said...

I LOVE all the pictures. I think my favorites have to be those of the Eiffel Tower at night. Beautiful!
You're good!
I doubt if I ever make it to Paris, so I love sharing your experience there.
Continue to have fun!

Kris Norman said...

I love those pictures of you two with your backs to the Eiffel Tower - Such a cute idea!

And I think Chris Pine is cute, too :)

Politics of Love Chick said...

Rough day at work and these pictures just made my day. Gave me a second to breathe and remember how lovely Paris is. I try to go as often as possible but I haven't seen it for two years now. Thanks!

Kelley said...

I want to go! Just beautiful

morewineplease said...

Just amazing!!! Crazy beautiful pictures girl!