Thursday, March 12, 2009

Huh, What Did You Say?

Hey all! Man I feel like I’ve been missing out on my blog world and I sure have missed my wonderful blogging friends. I’ve been stuck in bed for the last couple of days. Honestly, I’ve never been sicker in my life than I have been in these last 7 months of living in Germany. What is it about this country??

Sunday I started feeling awkward; having random dizzy spells that would subside once I sat down. Monday I went to the gym and pushed myself rather hard, since I hadn’t worked out in a while. Monday night I felt just like I did Sunday, with random dizzy spells and was especially tired. Come Tuesday I could not get out of bed. Every time I sat up the entire room would spin and I felt like I was going to vom. It was full on vertigo. I spent the full day in bed, only getting up to use the restroom and to grab more water. Jon brought me lunch in bed and luckily around dinner time I was able to waddle into the living room so that I could eat, only to rush right back to bed afterward. I felt like I was drunk. The light headedness, the dizzies, wanting to throw up, having to lie in one position and not move my head so I wouldn’t get dizzy, etc.

Wednesday it wasn't any better. I finally asked Jon to call the doctor’s office on base to see if I could get in to see the doc. Of course they were full up and didn’t have any appointments for TWO WEEKS; like I could wait that long. He did find an ear, nose and throat doctor on the economy and booked me an appointment for that day. Thank you Jesus.

After arriving at the doctor’s office, my sweet German doctor looked in my ears and said, “Well that’s the problem, they are completely clogged!”

Gross…… are you kidding me!!! So he had me hold this odd bowl device under my ears as he cleaned my ears out with water, some weird suction thingy, and air. He then used some weird tools that I refused to look at for fear of my life, while he continued cleaning out the rest of the wax. I’ve never been to an ear doctor, nor have I ever been through anything like this before.

Let me tell you guys, I’ve never been able to hear so well! I can hear everything now.

No wonder I could never hear what my husband was saying. Now I can stop saying, "HUH?" and we always had to turn the TV up so loud.
It’s amazing, but how gross that my ears were completely clogged.

After the ear cleaning they hooked me up to some weird brain wave machine to check my balance. I had a sticky thing on my forehead in the middle of my eyes and one on each temple with a chord hooked to each one.

It was similar to this, but ok, not this dramatic. They didn't shave my head and make me lay under a blanket with no clothes on. But I did lay there with three of these things on my head.
I could have kicked myself for not bringing my camera; I can only imagine what I looked like. Jon of course was giggling at me, which in turn made me laugh! Thank goodness for my husband being there or I would have been freaking out, I get nervous getting my teeth cleaned at the dentist, let alone having weird things attached to my head. Jon can always make me laugh. After about 10 minutes of reading my brain waves, they learned that my balance was above normal, which was wonderful news, and that there was nothing seriously wrong with my balance or brain causing the vertigo! Thank the Lord. God is good.

The doc told me to take it easy, no exercise for 10 days and if the vertigo doesn’t subside in 10 days to come back. 10 DAYS! I hope I am not dizzy for 10 more days. St. Paddy’s is coming up ;)

But seriously, in all honesty I am so thankful and praise God that it wasn’t something more serious. I’ve been so very blessed and fortunate.

I just took it easy the rest of the day on Wednesday, still feeling quite a bit dizzy, but nothing like it was on Tuesday. Jon grabbed me some Dramamine from the PX and I was eating those like they were Smarties. I was so done with these dizziness. I wouldn’t wish the dizzies on anyone, well except for maybe that crow that I saw the other day that made me come to a stop in my car, while it walked across the street!

Today is about the same. I woke up dizzy and I’m trying to get my handle on this thing they call gravity. Hopefully this feeling will subside. I’m so glad I was finally able to get onto the computer to see what is going on in the world. I haven't read the news since Monday.

I did notice that my right ear is clogged again and I can’t hear well out of it. What can I use to help prevent this? The doc said my body produces too much wax. (ew) Well how can I help my ears from clogging? Any ideas ladies and gents? My lovely nurse friends! Hydrogen peroxide is out, they say you should never put that in your ear........

Okay, I’ll quit crying like a little baby and let ya’ll get on with your day!

Have a great Thursday!


Allison said...

yikes! I don't know what to tell you about the ear situation. I do know that there is a solution specifically for ears that my brother used (he had a similar problem) - I think it's called Debrox. We used that and then one of those water-pic things to flush it out...

And so typical about not getting seen on base...socialized medicine, anyone? It's amazing!! (not)

Mrs. D said...

Oh my gosh! I am glad you are feeling better! My dad had vertigo once and it was awful, I felt so bad for him. He said that was one of the worst things he had ever experienced in his life. When I was little I would always had ear problems and one time it got really bad. My mom worked in the ER at the local hospital so she took me in and the doctor said my ears were totally clogged too. I got to sit and hold the bowl under my ears as well while they did the same procedure. The gross part was that my ear wax came out like rocks.. EW! I was like 4 though, but I remember it like it was yesterday. I guess I eventually just grew out of the ear problems because mine don't bother me anymore.

As far as cleaning out your ear wax.. I found these ear candles that are amazing! They are sold at my local health food/organic store. Just google image search "ear candles" and you will see what they look like. You can order them off the internet if you can't find them anywhere. It looks kinda scary but it's not. It basically just removes your ear wax and kinda tickles at the same time. Let me know if you try it!

Sorry for writing a book. It's 3am and I can't sleep haha! The time change still has me messed up!

Young Traveler said...

Wow. That is some craziness. I'm glad you're feeling better. I have NO IDEA how to prevent this.

Perhaps a regular visit to the ear doctor. Maybe it's like getting your teeth cleaned at the dentist.

Sort of?

Or, you know, whatever. :)

Miss JC said...

Sorry you have been so sick! I completely understand the ear thing. A couple of years ago, I was literally getting ear infections every couple of weeks! In fact, I have one right now. I was so jealous hearing your story of the wax being cleaned! lol As far as getting the wax out from home, I'm not sure. I have tried the wax candles, but it definitely didn't do anything to help my ear infection problems..but I suppose it might help if it was just a wax buildup problem..good luck!

Kaci-Ellyphant said...

Oh man I'm so sorry!! I have no advice but had that procedure done too...totally gross!

Hope you feel better!

lesley said...

Glad you could hear really good (at least for a little while!:s)

It seems like a lot of people are sick right now ... must be the time of the year ...

Hope you're doing better today and that you can hear good again! ; )

Abbie said...

Hmmm...I don't know what to tell you about the ear clogging situation. I know that my sister gets hers cleaned out like you did every couple of months, so maybe if your insurance allows it, I'd look into doing that. Each time my sister goes it only ends up costing her 20 dollars. I think I've seen ear cleaning kits in Walgreens though...

Sorry you've been feeling so nasty these past couple of days:(

The Dutchess of Kickball said...

Oh no! I hope you feel better. That doesn't sound like a whole lot of fun.

Candice said...

So sorry you've been feeling so bad! That's terrible. I'm glad you finally got into the doctor though. During our year in Thailand I was sick more often than I ever have been here too. I always thought maybe it was because I was exposed to different bacteria etc. than what I was used to in the States. I have to admit Thailand is not the most sanitary place in the world...but I don't know about Germany.

Also when we lived in Thailand, my husband had the same type ear problem. He went to the Thai doctor and they did this crazy suction procedure (not sure if it's the same thing you had done). One of our American friends there whose mom is a nurse in the States told us that the procedure they did on him isn't allowed in the States anymore bc it's dangerous. Haha! It's kinda funny the crazy things that happen to you when you live overseas.

Anyway, I hope that your ears get better and that you find some kind of solution! I feel so bad for you! I'm thinking about you:)

Chase said...

great to have you back, Steph!
What a weird doctor experience. I say that now, but I probably have to get the same thing done.

Unrelated, but I too have been sick more frequently here in Taiwan. Hm :/

But I'm glad you're feeling better!! Praise God

Anonymous said...

Glad you are feeling better! maybe I should go see a ear doctor and have my ears cleaned out, I always say "huh" the to hubs even when he is right in my face! :)

Kebi Cedawna said...

I'm glad that you're back!
I don't have any suggestions for the ear thing, but it sounds like the doctor's visit was quite an ordeal. Thank God that it wasn't something more serious, I would have been really freaked out if I'd had the same symptoms.
Hope you get back to %100 soon!
Thanks for entering my giveaway too, I'll announce the winner tomorrow morning.

valerie said...

I'm so sorry you've been so sick.
Danny had an inner ear infection that one time and I'm pretty sure they just gave him medication and that was that. Hummm...

One time Kristen had a really bad ear ache and we had to go to a different dr. than her usual one. Her dr. was out of town. This guy started doing things to her ear and she was crying. She said it hurt SO bad...worse than anything... and later when we told her dr. she was so upset that he did that to her. (she was pretty young though)

Maybe the internet can offer some advice. I've never known anyone to be dizzy for a very long period of time.

Way to go Jon! He's so sweet to be there for you and to make you laugh in such an awkward situation. I do wish you would have had your camera. I'm telling you, you just need to keep it in your purse at all times. ;) You just never know.

Get well soon. You're in my prayers.


Jenny.Lee said...

Glad your back and feeling better!

jlc said...

OOh no!! Well hopefully this'll be the end of that 7 month streak!!

LOVED the visuals on this one. You are too cute with the way you tell your stories. :)

Impulsive Addict said...

Ummm..HELLO? You're in Germany and St. Patty's Day is next week and you have to get better so you can drink some green German beer! DUH!

Even though you have lots of wax in your ears, I'm still willing to be your friend b/c that's just how I roll. I will also tell you if you have a booger for the same reason.

The candle stick things are a big hit with my MIL. I have never done them b/c I'm scared of everything. I won't even try the Nedi-Pot even though Dr. Oz said it will help my sinus problems. I may need to up my meds.

Hope you get better soon, k?

Naturally Caffeinated Family said...

I'm so sorry you are having to go through all of that! I wish I knew what to do other than having to go back to the doc to unclog every now and then (i've heard of the ear candles too). My Dad has gone through the same thing many times and I know it is not fun! I'm glad you had a good experience with the doctor, I hope you're back to feeling great with no dizzies very soon!

insomniaclolita said...

Oh gosh feel better soon!:(

ANd this made me wanna go to the ear doctor, I notice I keep saying huh a lot too.

Lisa said...

I had vertigo once in college and I hated it! Especially when the doctor told me that I just had a "cold." It sucks! I'm really glad that you're starting to feel better!

Ace C said...

Hopefully you start to feel better.

Kristen said...

Steph!!! Im so sorry you were'nt feeling well, but this post made me giggle! You crack me up!
Zack always tells me I should try those ear candles...but the thought of a flame by my ear freaks me out just a bit. :)
Glad you found something that works for you..and that you're feeling better!