Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Sir Elton, You Rock!

Last night was one of the most fun nights I have had in a long time. Jon, myself, Sarah and Deaner all went to the Elton John concert right here in Wiesbaden. I heard about the concert from one of Jon's co-workers and Sarah and I just HAD to see it. While Jon and I were in Qatar, Sarah found tickets and we snagged them.

Finally, two months of anticipating, last night was the night! We grabbed dinner at our favorite place, Vapiano and then headed across the street to the Kurhaus. They built a stage in front of the Kurhaus and also built a wall of bleachers to make it a more private concert.

People set up outside the concert walls to listen.

After standing in line for what seemed to be an eternity, we finally got inside.

As you can see, we weren't very close.
But I did manage to get a little closer, after shmoozing my way past the "ticket police"
and got a little better shot.
We had been looking forward to this concert for two months and it's no surprise that it was a fantastic show. Elton sang a couple of news songs, but sung several of his oldies which we all enjoyed the most. He sang Rocketman, Benny and the Jets, Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, I Guess That's Why They Call it the Blues, Tiny Dancer, Crocodile Rock, Candle in the Wind, etc.

A shot of Elton on the big screen.

Too much fun!

My only complaint is that it just seemed to end way too soon. I think he played for several hours, but I was having such a good time, I was sad when it was finally over.

For his last song there was a fireworkds show that was pretty neat.

I started editing pictures this morning and got so PEEVED
because there is a random HAND in EVERY firework photo!

Seriously..... how did I manage to get that darn hand in every picture.

Oh well, it was a great night, with great music, a great show and great friends! GREAT!

Hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday!


d.a.r. said...

Oh my goodness, soooo jealous!! It looks like you guys had a blast!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

I love him! I'm so jealous right now!

Unknown said...

So glad you were able to get the tickets and go! I love Tiny Dancer:) LOL at the hand:p

Gleatie said...

I have to try and figure how how to put the video on my computer! It turned out really good actually!

5th Belle Avenue said...

Sounds like so much fun!! LOVE the color of the shirt you're wearing; so fab!

Sweet Simplicity said...

How FUN!!! Love the random hand, it cracks me up!

Grand Pooba said...

Sounds like fun! I love outdoor concerts, and the fireworks would have been a great ending, hand or no hand :)

Anonymous said...

It looks like you guys had so much fun!!

Anonymous said...

Glad you had a great time - too funny about that hand!

JG said...

Ha! Stupid hand :) Looks like you guys had a blast!!

Katie said...

that looks like so much fun!!

Unknown said...

Ohh sounds like so much fun!!! The best concerts I have been to have been in Germany!!

valerie said...

How fun!

I grew up listening to him and know all those songs very well that you mentioned.
I always especially loved "Crocodile Rock" & "Yellow Brick Road."

Glad you guys were able to go and had such a good time.

LWLH said...

"Blue jean baby, LA lady...."
I heart Elton John, I'm jealous

Andrea said...

Hey there! I'm glad that you found the Burg Eltz! I have met many who haven't been there.

I have always wanted to see Elton-lucky you! We have almost visited Weisbaden several times, but haven't quite made it. It looks pretty on web pages! Maybe soon.

msprimadonna67 said...

I am SO jealous-I would LOVE to see Elton John!!

Anonymous said...