Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Hobby Lobby

Oh, how I miss you!

Not only do I miss you today, but I literally miss you on a daily basis. I think of something I would love to have from you all of the time. Your wonderful craft supplies, yarn, fabrics, picture frames, home decor, holiday decorations and endless other items, make me long for you. I am going to spend 1 gazillion dollars on you when I come home in December. I can't wait to see you!

Yours Truly,


But Seriously, I'm pretty sure we have NOTHING like Hobby Lobby here and it really drives me nuts. I need new yarn and some new fabric. Where O WHERE am I going to find that? There is a shop downtown, but it doesn't even compare to HB. And good luck trying to buy something online, I doubt they'd even ship to an APO.

HB should wise up and open locations in Europe. Hello, they'd make a fortune. Not only on the Europeans but also from the military spouses and civilians living over seas!

Oh and a Target too please, while I am at it ;)

Today I'm going to the good ole doc. I have a major fear of the doctor, but I have a pain on the left side of my neck..... and it really is a pain in the neck (do you see what I did there???)
To say I'm a little nervous, is an understatement. Wish me luck and if you will please say a little prayer for me that it's nothing serious and the doc can make it all better!

Hope you all have a wonderful Tuesday!

It will be wonderful tonight, once I get home from the spooky docs. We're going to Ikea to check out the fabric they have and maybe grab a couple of other things. Also, we have Sopranos Season 4 awaiting our return home! Yippie!


Unknown said...

Ikea has a great fabric selection. Karstadt also has a good craft selection, including fabric, yarn, and all sorts of notions. I know lots of yarn websites that ship to APO and I think JoAnn's does too.

The Rest is Still Unwritten said...

I just spent all kinds of money at Target...It's dangerous for me!

Casey (@ Chaos and Cardboard) said...

I did some damage at Hobby Lobby when I was home. I actually cried walking around it because I realized how much I missed it. Pathetic.

Joanne's does ship to APO, which is nice. There is a very good craft store on one of the Heidelberg bases I believe. Tons of fabric and lots of other stuff. My quilting friends go there. If I remember the exact info I will let you know.

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

I love love love Hobby Lobby!!!! Everytime I go there I find great things!

New Girl on Post said...

You and I are the on the same page.

Literally the first things I will do when I visit home will be:

1. Eat at Taco Bueno
2. Go to Hobby Lobby
3. Eat fried pickels

In that order.

d.a.r. said...

Think how much money you must be saving though!!! I just spent a small fortune at Target on Sunday (they have ridiculously cute pjs right now and I clearly needed like 3 sets).

Hope your neck is okay! Good luck at the doc's!

Anonymous said...

Oh doctor phobias. I will cross my fingers and say a little prayer that it is nothing major. AND GOOD LUCK, hopefully you get a nice nurse. ;)

Courtney said...

I never thought about that.. it'd be a pain not to have all your fave stores around! Although.. I'd save a ton on money!

lola said...

I hope your neck feels better and the doctor's appt goes well!

I've been feeling massively crafty lately, and while I actually have stores around, not having a car here has hampered my purchasing abilities. Sometimes I think it's not such a bad thing!

Lindsey said...

I've never been to Hobby Lobby, now I wish we had one!

Megan said...

It was just last year that I discovered the beauty of Hobby Lobby and now I am in love!!! I don't know if I could live without it! Well, of course I could live without it but I would miss it soooo much!

Katie said...

I've never been to a Hobby Lobby but I've heard so many great things about it!

And I can understand you mourning over Target! Such a sad loss!

LWLH said...

We have Michaels here but I don't know where a Hobby Lobby is.

Annie said...

I'm sad for you that you don't even have a Target over there but there has to be something positive, you are saving lots of money!!
I had to cut myself off from Target the past 2 weeks...it's been hard esp since it's not even a mile away from me.
I hope you can find some fabric and yarn elsewhere :)
Good luck with the doc visit!

morewineplease said...

It will be here waiting for you.. I promise!

katie + bret said...

Good luck at the doctor and have fun at IKEA... I would think if you can have IKEA you should get a Target as well!

Grand Pooba said...

hahaha! I appreciate the pain in the neck pun!

JennyLee said...

Ahh you just reminded me that I still haven't bought frames for our wedding pictures. (shhh but I still haven't printed any! none at all!) I hope your doctor appt. goes well!

Christy said...

I love living here in Germany, but trust me...they'd screw up Target, they made WalMart just another German store, which is why I really believe it failed here. It'd be no different than a Real.
As for Hobby Lobby, there is nothing like it, but Germany does have craft stores,etc. As many have said Joanne's ships here and Target will ship SOME things here, but they're odd on what they will and will not.

Unknown said...

Hobby Lobby and Target are my favorite stores of ALL TIME!!! I am going to feel your pain in a few short months! :(

Unknown said...

I just don't know how you make it without a Target:p Hobby Lobby is pretty freakin sweet too! Hey, I made a few changes to to my commenting to see if the problem wouldn't go away...Could yo try to comment again and let me know how it went?

Anonymous said...

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