Monday, January 19, 2009

Weekend Update

Lazy.... Lazy..... Lazy, is all I can say for this weekend. Jon and I were extremely sedentary! I feel terrible, especially for my body which probably gained a couple of pounds from not moving off the couch. I guess this is what we needed because our bodies wouldn't do otherwise.
We've made a promise to each other that we are going to start going to the gym after Jon gets off work at night. We are starting first thing tomorrow evening, no backing out.

Saturday we went to Ikea to grab some necessities. Curtains, curtain rods, light bulbs, etc.
We then came home and hung some of those curtains.

Kitchen curtains (mind the dishes)

The Salon curtains

And lastly MUCH needed bedroom curtains ;)

No more scaring the neighbors, for me!

Randomly, Jon is a really great artist. He can draw so well, but doesn't draw because he thinks he's terrible at it....... I don't get it. I think he is amazing. We have a ginormous canvas that we bought back in the states and have yet to do anything with. Saturday we found an awesome antique map,

and decided we should paint this map to put on our wall in the dining room.
We drew the map on the canvas.
It's a terrible picture and extremely hard to see. Click to enlarge.

Later that day we went to the PX, the craft store on base, and even the hardware store and had no luck finding acrylic paint. So we will be ordering some paint online soon in attempt to finish this exciting project.

That evening we cooked barbecue chicken on the grill and had baked beans as a side. Yummy! It took me back to memories of family cookouts. We played the Wii, did some Wii bowling, tennis, and played a little Guitar Hero. (I killed my pinky rocking out so hard)

Sunday we spent the entire day watching the second season of Arrested Development.

We're completely obsessed with this show. I absolutely love it, LOVE IT! It's hilarious!
I can't wait to watch the third season.
Sunday night we cooked steaks on the grill and had a little "surf n' turf." I've never eaten so much in one weekend, but it was completely worth the couple extra pounds. Jon said he wanted some good home cooked meals for his birthday and just for the heck of it since he's been eating fast food for the last two weeks. We definitely had some good food.

Today Jon had the day off for Martin Luther King Jr. Day which was a nice treat. We ran a couple of errands but hurried home because the weather was just icky. It's been raining all weekend. (No wonder we were so lazy, who wants to go out in the gunky rain?)
Jon, my wonderful hairstylist, did my hair today and I gave him a haircut as well.
While Jon was slapping the color on my head I asked
"Are you sure you don't mind doing my hair?"

Jon: "No it's actually fun."
Me: "Really, you enjoy it?"
Jon: "Are you kidding, Dude..... I get to paint my wife's head!"
end of story lol.

Again, he made me look like Cindy Lou Who from Whoville


I feel like a new person ;) And my hair feels so much better thanks to Jonny D.
We had a great weekend!

Have a great week guys!


Bella@That damn expat said...

Nice hair and nice kitchen curtains!

JennyLee said...

Love the curtains and your hair looks fantastic!

~Mrs. Guru~ said...

I love reading your blog! I think it is so neat that you guys are on an adventure and they seem to have the same stuff we do (almost) here in the states. Love your hair too!

Ben and Tara said...

The hair is fabulous as are the curtains! Which just means you were even more productive then Ben and I this weekend. We spent the majority of the time playing computer games and watching movies. I blame the rain too!

Abbie said...

Love the curtains! Especially the ones in the bedroom!

A husband who will color your hair? You've definitely got yourself a keeper:)

Glad you guys had a great weekend!

erin - heart in ireland said...

Love the hair colour!

And it is really cute that you get your husband to do you hair.

I've just started getting back into the gym too, hope it goes well for you. I signed up for an aerobics class on Wednesday.. eeeek!

Allison said...

I added a video clip to my post today...the Obama quote. Apparently some people don't believe he actually said that (I know you agreed with me, but just said you hadn't ever heard of's just a good example of how the media stifles things that are controversial, but not in THEIR favor)

Anonymous said...

well thanks! glad to have new followers! been in italy for almost 3 yrs now and its been a blast!

Unknown said...

You don't have to order the art supplies online. There's a good art supply store downtown called Listmann. If you need directions, let me know.

Great job on Steph's hair, Jon!

valerie said...

I love your new curtains and your new hair color. Good job Jon!

All (ok, most of) last week I watched what I ate and then over the weekend...I was so bad. Someone made us a coconut cream pie!!! among many other things that tasted so good over the weekend..... enough said.

This morning I got on the treadmill and was so proud of myself. I need to do it every morning & need some accountability.
Ask me tomorrow if I did, ok?

Y'all have fun with your new shows & that awesome drawing, and try to stay warm.

Love ya,

Chase said...

Congratulations on the new place.

The hairdo looks great, you've got quite the talented hubby.

Thanks for tracking me down on the blog.
Always great to meet some fellow blogging-expats.


d.a.r. said...

Love, love, love the curtains!! And, yes, I am glad I found you, too!!

Unknown said...

Arrested D. is one of the best shows ever ...They're trying to make a movie....I wish it would come back though.'s so good.

Love the hair!

New Girl on Post said...

Your hair is fantastic! What a great shade, it looks amazing on you.