Thursday, January 29, 2009

Mexican Fiesta

Okay, we really didn't have a Mexican fiesta, because it was just the two of us.... but the food was A-mazing! Due to the LACK of Mexican food restaurants here or should I say the lack of GOOD Mexican food restaurants, we took it upon ourselves to makes a little fiesta dinner last night.
Easy as pie this dinner was. (Am I Yoda?.....)

Anyway, we made stacked enchiladas or I guess it could be considered a casserole since it was in a casserole dish. But I'm going to call them stacked enchiladas by Steph. Really we just bought everything that we like on/in a chicken enchilada and made one big enchilada.

What you need for this fantastic dish:

About 12 corn tortillas
1 can refried beans
2 cans of that enchilada red sauce
two things of canned chicken
can of corn
onion powder/salt (you can use real onion, my hubs just doesn't like onion)
garlic powder

I didn't really measure this... so just guesstimate if you plan on making it.

Spread refried beans on corn tortillas with knife and layer bottom of baking dish with the bean tortillas (bean side up). Add chicken, corn, then red sauce, and a little cheese. Spice as you like. Then add another layer starting with bean covered tortillas, chicken, corn, red sauce and cheese.

Place in oven at 350 degree for 30 minutes.

And voila, a cheesy masterpiece......

I also made fresh guacamole and we had chips and salsa!

It was the best supper! and so INCREDIBLY easy! Don't you just love those......
If anyone has a good salsa recipe I'd love for you to send it my way! I'd love to make my own because store bought salsa just isn't doing it for me! I miss Ted's!!


Bella@That damn expat said...

Mmm that looks good. Now I'm hungry.

~Mrs. Guru~ said...

MMMM, that looks delicious!

New Girl on Post said...

Ted's? As in Ted's Escondito? I'm craving Mexican Food.

I make Green Enchiladas that sound kind of similar to yours, but I leave out the beans and use ground beef instead of chicken.

Yours sound so tasty though!

valerie said...

Oh my's only 9:15 a.m. and I'm craving Mexican food now!
I LOVE guacamole. Yum!

Brian and I were just talking about home made salsa and he told me a story and told me to mention to you something about corn and salsa????? He said you'd laugh. (did you?) :)

In the summer when we have fresh tomatoes from the garden I make the best salsa! I don't measure, but just start quartering tomatoes and put them in the food processor. I don't know if this would work for you since Jon doesn't like onions, but it's essential for us :) (Dan grows the best, sweetest onions too) I chop one large onion and at least one fresh jalapeno peppper. Add quite a bit of salt, and add black pepper to taste and a little lemon or lime juice. Since I don't have a recipe I just keep tasting until it tastes like I like it.
It's just that simple, but ohhh so good and fresh.

Brian doesn't like onions either, but he loves this salsa.

Thank you for being willing to help me with my blog background and header. I'm about to check my e-mail right now.


Young Traveler said...

Oh man, I miss Mexican food so badly. Yours looks great! Wish I had been there to enjoy. :)

Alexis and Lamar said...

I don't think i have introduced myself yet, but I am Alexis and I love reading your blog. I stumbled upon it from one of my regular read blogs. I love how you moved to Germany to support your husband. What an amazing experience this will be for the two of you.

I don't want to sound too stalkerish, but if you would like to read my blog (honestly nothing as fabulous as yours) you can at It started out as a way to keep friends and family up to date on my wedding planning, but now that it's over I try to post updates. "Try" being the keyword there.

Now back to your post, I have a great black bean salsa receipe. You should try it:
Black Bean Salsa

2 cans black beans, drained
1 can white shoepeg corn (or reg corn will do), drained
1 can diced tomatoes (or fresh), drained
1 bell pepper, chopped
1/2 cup red onion, chopped
1/4 cup cilantro, chopped
1 jalapeno, chopped fine (take out seeds)
1 Tbsp oil (canola, corn, or vegetable)
1/2 tsp. cumin
juice of 1 lime
salt to taste

Mix all ingredients. Enjoy with tortilla chips, or as a side dish!

Sorry for such a long comment.


Liana said...

oooh my gosh these look SO good, im starving...thanks for stopping by to :)

Lindsey said...


JennyLee said...

My husband would love this!

BrianB said...

I was going to tell you that my mom makes the best salsa, but (of course)she beat me to it. I love it anyways. I could probably drink it straight up. As for the corn and black bean salsa inside joke that she butchered... I told her to say "*burp*... mmmm, corn dip!". I guaranteed her that you would at least giggle and reminisce.

Lis said...

YUMMM!! That looks amazing - the hubby would die if he came home to that! :) Thanks for posting!

Mrs. Southern said...

I would love your guacamole recipe. It all looks so good!

I just saw on your sidebar that you guys were married were we!!!!

jlc said...

Ouuuu lovin' the new header!!! ;)

Oh my goodness your dress was GORGEOUS. I absolutely love that style on wedding dresses.