Sunday, January 4, 2009

Chick Flick and a Glass of Wine

Since Jon is gone, I decided to watch a chick flick last night. Jon would totally watch them with me, it's just that I'm really not a chick flick kinda girl. I'd rather watch a good comedy or a drama.....some mob movie or something to that effect. But it felt like the right time to watch Under the Tuscan Sun.

This is definitely one of my favorite movies. It makes you sad, then happy, then sad, and then happy again! I grabbed my glass of red wine, ate my lovely dinner and enjoyed every minute of this movie. If you haven't seen it, I highly suggest it, but make sure you have a Kleenex or 5. Diane Lane is such a wonderful actress and the story behind this movie is so amazing. I love it! and I'm dying to go to Tuscany! Maybe we'll wait until it's a little warmer outside.

On an icky note, I think our heater might be acting up. The German couple above us knocked on our door yesterday and asked if our heater was working. I didn't notice anything at the time, but later that day, I realized I was freezing, and the heat was already high! Ugh I hope it doesn't screw up on us. Germany is so cold right now, it is supposed to snow today!

An a good note, I've got a hairdo today. Then I am going to continue reading the second Twilight Series book New Moon.

I started this like three weeks ago and was waiting for this two weeks that Jon was gone, so I could just throw myself into the rest of the series. I read Twilight in two days.... I think these books will have the same effect on me. I figure I won't be able to put them down, so what a better time to read them!
I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!


Abbie said...

I loved the Twilight books and I zoomed through all 4 in a matter of a week! It's the perfect thing for you to do while your husband is gone!

I've never seen Under the Tuscan Sun...I think I may have to rent that tonight!

And of course your furnace is acting up...Jon's gone!! Good luck with it!

Skeller said...

Hmmm, might have to throw Under the Tuscan Sky into my Netflix queu. If you make it to Tuscany, please take tons of photos and post them!!!! Have you read Peter Mayle's Italy books (A Year in Provence, etc.)? They're delightful...

I very much enjoyed the Twilight series (tho, I gotta say, I almost didn't read past #2. it was NOT my favorite).

I LOVE your header picture - it's perfect for the whole adventure them!

valerie said...

Yesterday it was 75 degrees here and today after church my car said it was 26! So crazy!!!

I'm glad you're staying busy. See...I think time is going to fly!

JennyLee said...

I'm picky about my chick flicks too but my sister loves this one. Any luck with the heater?

Anonymous said...

Missing you tons, little Peanut! Qatar is basically the same, just about 40 degrees cooler than the last time we were here. I'm glad I brought a jacket. Loving and missing a metric ton!!