Monday, June 30, 2008

Wedding Portraits

I was finally able to take my bridal portraits on Sunday, June 30. Jon and I were married on the 7th so they were long overdue. My friend Lyndsay Davis took the pictures and I must say she did an amazing job. I like to call her the master of all trades. She works at LeFringe Salon with me and my mom. If you ever need pictures taken she is your lady. She is a talented artist.

These pictures were taken at the train depot in Norman.

I can't believe it right when I sat down on the tracks we heard a train coming. But it really made for some great pictures. I can't believe we actually caught a moving train in my wedding portraits. It was a neat experience. I would have stayed on the tracks longer but Lyndsay didn't want a repeat of Fried Green Tomatoes.

This was taken at the Antique Mall on Main Street in Norman.

These two are great pictures. I loved the old wagon and the old empty bottles.


Kristen said...

STEPH!! I was so excited to see a comment from you today!
I love the bridal portriats, but cannot believe you sat on the tracks while a stinking train was coming. You are one brave chick! :) Lindsey did a great job!!

valerie said...

I love the bridal portraits. That is so cool that you were on the train track. Was it by Brian's house? :) That thing must go by every 15 minutes.

Lindsey did a really good job.