Saturday, June 28, 2008

Moving Soon

Jon and I finally got our orders and we will be leaving August 1, 2008 out of DFW Airport. We plan on traveling to Dallas on July 31 so we can eat at our favorite restaurant, Eatzi's. Also we don't want to have to rush around the morning of the 1st. We are in the process of selling our house!! All weekend we cleaned each room and gathered items for a garage sale. We also threw a lot away and set aside items we are going to store. We spent an entire day "deep cleaning." My uncle even cleaned the baseboards in every room. And my mom cleaned the toilets lol. But after all our hard work, it really paid off, the house looks great! My family is amazing, they took their entire day Sunday to help us and I truly appreciate them for everything they do for Jon and I. I don't think we'll have any trouble selling our cute little home. I think it is starting to hit me though, the fact that we aren't going to live in this house anymore. It is such a great house, I have truly enjoyed living in it. I will miss it so much. It's funny how you work so hard making something just the way you want it and than you move! But I hope someone can enjoy it just as much as we did. I took some pictures of the house, that way I can always sneak a peek if I get homesick ;)

Our House!!!

My lovely little garden!

Our living Room

Our bedroom

The other side of our bedroom


The master bathroom

The Master Bathroom

The guest bathroom

The Guest Bathroom
Or As Brian calls it "Burger Kings Special Sauce"

The office

Jon working in the office.

Another spare room

The living room

The Kitchen

The Kitchen

The dining room

Another shot of the living room

The backyard

And last but not least, our amazing half of a tree!

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