Thursday, June 26, 2008

Wedding Pictures

Here are some pictures from our wedding day!!

Stephanie and her mother fixing her hair

Mona helping Steph into her dress

I guess Steph got tickled here

Mona and Stephanie

Our beautiful rings

Jon in his undies

Jon Sr. helping Jon Jr. with his tie, isn't that cute

Handsome boys, Brian and Jon

And another

Jon holding Steph's ring

Jon by his fathers 32 Roadster

Steph with her step dad Steve before the wedding

My beautiful nieces

Mona, Steph and Steve

Stephanie with her Dad, Steve

Jurrii, Jon Jr., Jon Sr., Brandii and Jennii

Love this picture it's so amazing

We're finally married!!

The wedding party ;)

Stephanie's Extended Family


Jon's Extended Family

Jon's family with Stephanie

Jurrii, Jon and Jennii

Paxton, Steph, Jon and the girls

Me and my dad and our silly watch fetish

The married couple

1 comment:

valerie said...

Hey Stephanie,
I love the pictures!
Your wedding was very pretty and Danny and I enjoyed the evening very much.
Thanks again for cutting my hair Saturday. I really like it and actually changed my profile picture to the one Kristen took of me right after you cut it.
Hopefully I can manage to fix it! :)
Talk to ya soon.