Saturday, June 21, 2008


We just got back from our honeymoon in Costa Rica, where we had an amazing time. While we don't have all of our pictures yet we have some from a canopy tour that we did. It felt like such a short trip; we were only there for seven days, five of which we spent in Manuel Antonio. While we were there, we took a private tour of the National Rain Forest, we kayaked through the Mangroves and we Canopied through the tree tops of the rain forest. We saw so many animals on this trip and Jon got the chance to save a wild Sloth from being trapped on a building. It was the best trip to Costa Rica I've had, but its back to reality and getting everything situated for our move to Germany.

Thumbs up for Canopy!At the top of the Rain Forest
I nearly pee'd my pants
Look at the Jon go.
A beautiful rainfall
Jonny Boy
The Beach
Me at El Avion
Jon and Steph
The Croc Bridge
At the condos in Manuel Antonio
El Avion
The Cantina

Jon caught a pic of me on the beach
In the distance is a man selling snow cones on the beach

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