Monday, July 14, 2008

My New Hobby!

I have recently picked up a new hobby which I absolutely love! Anytime I have spare time I totally immerse myself in jewelry making. This is a brand new thing for me so I am learning as I go, but it has been so therapeutic. Jon and I have been so incredibly busy with getting things ready for our move and working on selling the house. Today we actually had the painters, the electrician and the movers here at the same time. As we were working with all three the realtor calls to let us know we had an offer on the house. It was so hilarious how much was going on at one moment! But we worked through it. The offer wasn't exactly what we wanted so our house is still on the market! But I have faith we will have a great offer soon. This house is too cute to pass up. But back to jewelry making, I find it so relaxing and I really love creating and making these beautiful pieces of art! Well at least I think they are beautiful ;) I love little side hobbies and being creative. I guess I've always had a creative side. Jon helped with a couple and Brian really liked the leaf necklace!
So, I thought I'd post some pictures to share with you guys.

I thought this picture was classic! Jon and Brian Modeling the jewelry!
They are two silly characters ;)

This one is so cute! It is blueish purple beading
with gold and tigers eye accents

Pink and Animal Print

Black wooden beads with red polka dot glass beads.

This is a compilation of Natural Colors

Another compilation of natural colors

I love adding metal to my necklaces

Blueish Purple with Amber Yellow

Black and Orange for OSU, even thought I'm not a fan ;)
The black beads are lava beads.

A favorite of mine, I love the leaf, but is amber and orange.

Another Compilation of beads

Gold, bronze, and Amber Beads

Brown and Yellow

Amber and Gold

Gold and Brown (the brown beads are some sort of bone)

This necklace can be worn short or long.

OU Crimson and Cream Necklace

This is a bronze necklace, a really fun piece.

Orange and Amber beads, circa 1940 from German

Turquoise and Brown, this is one of my favorites

Lime green and Animal Print

These beads look like little shells but it makes for a cute piece

Jon actually helped me make this necklace ;)


Kristen said...

These are a-dorbale! Okay, when I see you on Thursday I must learn how you do this. I have been trying to obtain a hobby for years!!! :)
Congrats on the house offers! I know the perfect people/ person will come along very soon!

valerie said...

Wow Stephanie....those are all so pretty. I remember the day Kris and I were there and your were making jewelry. What an awesome hobby. They are all really pretty.
I must say, you have very handsome models. :)
I'll say a little prayer that the house sells at the price you guys need. I know that would be a huge relief to get that sold before you leave.