Monday, March 14, 2011

Mom Mobile!

Hello lovely family and friends! How was your weekend? Ours was great! As always, it flew by... but we did have a really nice weekend. We even had a BEAUTIFUL day in Germany on Saturday. The sun was shining and it was around 50 degrees. It was amazing and reminded me that Spring is just around the corner. I LONG for those spring days of sitting out on our balcony, grilling, and enjoying a couple brews. Not too much longer now!

I have been meaning to share a quick post about the new car Jon and I bought. I am absolutely in love with it. It could just be the fact that it is practically brand new, but I have always been an SUV girl, so of course I am just thrilled to have this.

Our new "mom mobile!"

It is a Nissan Rogue. Jon is a HUGE Nissan guy, so when he ran across this car, he just knew it would be perfect for our little family. It is a 2010, and as I said before practically brand new. The woman who owned it before bought it and then shortly after ended up buying a brand new Mercedes and pretty much just left the Rogue in the dust. When we went to see it, I was amazed at how nice and clean it was, and how new it still smelled. I believe we got a really good deal out of the car and I think it'll be a good size for the three of us. We have a Golf right now and I just knew that wouldn't work for us once Sophie arrived. I know babies come with so much extra baggage, not to mention the stroller and car seat. It just wouldn't have been easy. I know this Rogue will be much better suited for our family and I can't wait to take it on it's first road trip.

One more quick thing I wanted to share... Jon and I have been looking for a mobile to put above or on Sophie's crib and just weren't having any luck, until this weekend! I got on (the best site ever) and came across this little beauty.

This mobile was designed to coordinate with
our bedding from Pottery Barn!
(Pictures are from SugarAndSpiceStudios on

I LOVE it and can't wait to receive it!
It'll be perfect for her room.

Well, I'm off to get ready for a little work!
I hope you all have a wonderful Monday!

Until next time,


Annie said...

i love the mobile!! it is adorable!! and it's going to look perfect in sophie's room!

nice new ride!! i'm trying to decide what my next new car is going to be. i really wanted an suv but with gas prices so high i think i'm sticking with a car ;)

Impulsive Addict said...

LOVE the new car and I LOOOOVE that you found a mobile. I could never find what I was looking for so poor Emma didn't have one. =(

LWLH said...

Love the new car....very cute!