Tuesday, October 5, 2010

We're Back!

Whew! We are back from Cinque Terre, Italy! And EXHAUSTED from the trip... at least I am!

Who knew I'd be so incredibly sore and tired from hiking, but I guess it's to be expected seeing as how I am pregnant and all. (Well, pretty much just totally out of shape! But I'm going with the pregnant excuse.)

Really though, we had a fantastic trip. The weather was incredible for us, and the scenery just blew me away. I think baby Barrett had a good time too! The hiking was awesome. The first day we hiked about 3.5 miles to the town Monterrosso from Vernazza. I was able to shoot some great shots since the weather was so nice. The weather called for rain the entire time we were supposed to be visiting Cinque Terre, but luckily it was sunny!

Since I am still not fully functioning and my brain is moving slowly today, I'll just post some pictures from the first day of our trip.

Here is our adventure to Cinque Terre, Hiking Day 1:
The downtown area of Vernazza.

I love all of the buildings!

As we entered the trail there were some great views.

A view of Vernazza from the trail.

Jon and I cheering on our Sooners all of the way Italy!
Boomer Sooner!
We were so excited to hear that they beat Texas 28-20!!
More scenery from the trail.


Back in Vernazza.

After we rested for a couple of hours we headed back to the center of town and watched the sun set.

We made reservations at a restaurant overlooking the sea.

There I had mussels for the VERY first time!
I have to say they were very interesting.

Look at these crazy things!
I couldn't stop looking at the eyeballs!

All in all, the first day of our trip was wonderful! I hope you enjoyed the pictures! I'll be back tomorrow with more photographs from our second day in Cinque Terre.

I hope you all have a wonderful week!


Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

It looks amazing there! The sunset photos are great!

Anonymous said...

Looks like it was a beautiful place!

LWLH said...

What beautiful views!

JG said...

I am so envious of your world travels!! But I got to watch the game live (via internet) so it's a trade-off. ;) It was ah-mazing!

Lindsey said...

Incredible photos!!

valerie said...

Love, love, love the pictures.
I so want to visit Italy one day.

I especially love the OU picture.
Loved that we beat Texas!!!!!