Thursday, October 14, 2010

Earthquake in OK??

Seriously... there was an earthquake in Oklahoma?!? I couldn't believe it when I got a phone call from my mom saying there had just been a 5.1 quake and she felt it. Her chandeliers were swaying back and forth and she thought someone crashed into their house! Never in a million years would I ever think there would be an earthquake there... Tornadoes YES, but not quakes! So strange. Thank God from what I hear everyone is okay. Some people lost electricity and some homes/buildings were damaged, but it was good to hear everyone is okay, including my family and friends. Craziness!

A big thanks to the comments about our ultrasound pictures!! I just love getting to see the baby and how he/she is progressing!

I'd love to share some pictures from our trip to Croatia. We left last Thursday morning and made it to Rovinj, Croatia at about 12:00. We spent quite some time walking around the town and then made our way to our apartment, where we continued walking around the beach. Here are some of the pictures.

The next day of our adventure we drove about 30 minutes away, to Pula, to visit a Roman Amphitheater. This is the 6th largest Roman arena in the world and is one of the most well preserved at that. Here are some pictures of our visit.

I hope you enjoyed our pictures from the first couple of days in Croatia. Tomorrow I'll be posting pictures of our visit to Slovenia!

Have a wonderful Thursday everyone!!


Candice @ ChiaSeedMe said...

Just catching up on your blog!

I felt the same way yesterday with the earthquake. I was sitting in my living room (in Stillwater) and suddenly it felt and sounded like the whole house just rattled for about 2 seconds. It as very surreal.

I love the pics from Croatia - how beautiful! I've heard from multiple people that it's one of the most beautiful places. And how neat that baby Barrett is already going to be a well-seasoned traveler by the time she even comes into the world!

Tiffany said...

Beautiful pictures!

On the earthquake thing - we've had a couple of random ones in the last year or so in N. Texas. So weird! I didn't even know we had the possibility of having them in the NTX / OK area. Glad to hear everyone is okay!

Anonymous said...

I am finally catching up on blogs and I haven't commented in a while!
1. CONGRATULATIONS on the baby news! That's so exciting!
2. Your pictures are great! Looks like a fun trip.
3. The earthquake news was crazy! You could feel it all the way into NTX. Nuts...