Friday, October 15, 2010

Lake Bled

Hello everyone in blogland! How are y'all today?

I am fantastic, as it is Friday, and that means another weekend is upon us! We have a busy little weekend planned for us, but it will be filled with time with friends and of course the normal house hold stuff that I put off doing until the weekend. So it is sure to be a great one!

After yesterdays post, I was so surprised to hear that the earthquake in Oklahoma was also felt in Texas! Insane... I am so glad to hear that everyone is okay. But still, the whole thing baffles me.

Anyway... To continue the pictures from our trip to Croatia/Slovenia, I wanted to post pictures from our most favorite spot on our adventure, Lake Bled in Slovenia. When we arrived at the lake, I felt like I was in a fairy tale. This place is so magical and unbelievable. It's a place I could see being in a Disney movie... just beautiful. Well, instead of expressing with words the beauty that is Lake Bled, I will just post the pictures. Prepare yourself for picture overload...

Jon rowed me across the lake to the little island where the church stands.

I hope you enjoyed our pictures from Lake Bled!

And I hope you all have a FANTASTIC WEEKEND!!
Be back Monday with a weekend update!


Amanda said...

WE were there last weekend too! I loved it there!!! It's one of my new favorite spots. We didn't make it to the island, but I'm sure we'll go next time we go to Bled!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! So sweet for your hubby to row you all the way across the lake like that. I bet it was tiring!

Suzanne said...

Oh my goodness! I was also there with a couple gal pals. We live in Italy, so it's not too far from our house. Lake Bled is beautiful and I can't wait to go back for a visit!