Saturday, November 22, 2008

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas!

Jon and I awoke early this morning to find this!

(obviously my hands weren't sturdy, the pictures are a little blury, could be because I was shivering uncontrollably!)

Our first snow in Wiesbaden! I took these pictures from our balcony, I love the view from our apartment. Isn't it so pretty! I love snow, it makes everything look so beautiful, it just didn't feel beautiful. Today is very cold outside but the sun is shining so the snow probably won't stay for long. I just wanted to show these pictures so you all could enjoy!

We're off to Ikea again today. We are buying a bed for the guest bedroom. I don't think that my parents would like sleeping on our couches! Or what am I thinking, they would totally kick us out of our bed and make us sleep on the couches! ;)

Ikea has a really great selection, and they aren't priced too badly either. I already have a "bed in a bag" as they call it, which I bought from Linens & Things. It's awesome, it came with 1 comfortor, 2 standard shams, 2 sheet sets, 1 bed skirt, 2 euro shams, 3 decorative pillows, 2 extra pillowcases, 1 decorative throw and 2 window treatments and it was only 200 bucks! I think I made out like a fat rat (as my dad always used to say.) Also it doesn't look cheap at all, what a total bargain! I will put up pictures soon, once we get everything set up.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! Someone fill us in on the score of the OU game if you can. Germany doesn't do US Football! Thanks so much!!

GO OU!!!!


valerie said...

How beautiful!
I love about one good snow a year here in OK. :) I'm not much for cold weather, but it is very pretty.

I bet you're getting excited to see your parents. They'll have a great time.

I'll try to write sometime during the game so you'll know what's going on. Dan went hunting and I plan to curl up on the sofa and watch it from there. I SO hope they win!

valerie said...

Wow...OU is looking great! The second half just started and it's 45-7! The crowd is so into the game.

valerie said...

It's me again...
I used to try to make cornbread and it was always dry and I finally made it and it was moist and just love it.
I swear the bacon grease makes it so yummy and crunchy on the outside. It's sort of a joke with us and bacon grease and butter. I always say..."I don't know why I'm so fat??" :)
I hope you like it as much as we do.
I LOVE beans & cornbread.