Thursday, January 26, 2012

Weekly Update

Well, hello y'all!! How is everyone doing??

I've heard there has been some crazy weather in the states lately! I hope everyone is safe and sound and has survived the power outages and all of the snow.

Things have been super busy lately! I don't exactly know why or really don't have any reason for the business... but it has been nonetheless.

Tonight, Jon and I are gearing up for a DATE NIGHT!! Woooohooo! Our buds got us a "baby sitting coupon" for Christmas and we are cashing it in tonight! Grabbing steak at one of our favorite places called Scotch N Soda! Can't wait. It's not often we get a date night, seeing as how we are so far away from family! So we are so thankful for friends who are so thoughtful and helpful. It's so nice to know we have a "family" here as well.

Anyway... I had better get these daily pictures posted before Soph wakes up or I'll get sidetracked and not posted again for another 7 months.

January 19

Sophie girl at our favorite restaurant, Symposion.
We may have a slight addiction to this place...
and by we, I mean me!
But Sophie LOVES the bread there. It's pretty amazing.

She also had her first bite of tzaziki and now she is hooked!
That's my girl!!

January 20

Soph and I had breakfast together,
down the street from our house.
She loves looking at herself in the camera!

January 21

Jon went to a poker night with some friends and I got a little crafty!
Made a dry erase calendar, so Jon and I can be more organized!

and made homemade tzazki!
(As if I didn't get enough at the Greek restaurant the other night)
JUST Heavenly!
Jon doesn't like it, so I rarely make it.
Figured I could take down this whole bowl before he got home.
Just kidding!!... but not really.

January 22

Such a silly girl!

Dinner with our friends the "McEddys"
Sophie adores them!

January 23

Again, I've really tried to convince Sophie she isn't a dog...
but she still insists on chewing Jon shoes!
Even though she has 9000 toys!

January 24

My first attempt at a diaper cake,
for a friends baby shower!

(Thank you Pinterest)

January 25

This is Sophie's new favorite place to stand.
Right by us ;)
She just loves to get crumbs and food all over the couch!

Rainy night in Wiesbaden. Loved the sky.

That pretty much sums up our week!
Very exciting times, as I'm sure you can tell!

Thanks for stopping by!
Until next week,



Brahmin in Boston said...

What a wonderful girl you have there, Steph! I adore the pics that you post - so lovely and full of fun! :)

Northeast hasn't seen much of snow so Boston is pretty awesome right now. LOL!

Lil' Woman said...

She is such a doll face and what a cute idea for the dry erase board. :)