Friday, February 3, 2012

Another Weekly Update!

Hello out there! How is everyone doing this week! We're doing great, although it's FREEZING cold here in Germany. Not that I'm complaining. It could always be worse, but it's pretty darn cold and the wind is torture!

Tomorrow we are leaving for a weekend trip to Bruges, Belgium!

In case some of you are new to the blog or if you have just forgotten, Sophie was born in Bruges... 6 weeks early. It was a HUGE surprise, as we were on our "baby moon." This time we'll actually get to see the city and do a little site seeing while we are there, instead of spending pretty much 24/7 at the NICU. One really great thing we get to do while we are there, is stop by the hospital where Sophie was born to see all of her nurses. I think it will be so special to be back there under different circumstances and see everyone again. This time Sophie is not 4 pounds, but almost 20... so to say she's changed, is an understatement.

Anyway... I'll be back next week to post pictures from our Adventure to Bruges!
For now, I leave you with my weekly photos from last/this week.
Hope you enjoy.


Date night at Scotch N Soda!

Best steaks in Wiesbaden!

Happy guy with a full belly and a delicious Kilkenny!


Sophie's new boyfriend Jack! He is Australian!! Look at the size of him, he's going to be a football player. He's almost 5 months and weighs around 16 pounds and is as long as Sophie, maybe a little longer.

He's like "fist pump" I got an older woman!


Quarkinis! YUMMMM

Our Sophie girl is getting so big!


Big girl, sitting in her big chair, chugging down some water.
She loves water!


Our new burlap pillow with our anniversary written on it!
We love it!


Sophie got a new toy!


Jon's awesome new bowl he got as a gift for his birthday!


New phone attachment for my iPhone!

We hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

Until next time...



LWLH said...

She is such a doll!! :)
And that phone attachment...too freakin cute.

Impulsive Addict said...

How was your weekend vacay? Did the nurses remember you guys? We never went back to revisit the NICU nurses but we should have.

Ok, so tell me about your new iphone toy. Do you use it in the car or every time you're on the phone? Another blogger posted a pic of hers too. It looks cool!

Sophie is getting soooo big!!!

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