Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Our Desert Outting

Yesterday, late afternoon, we headed out in search of the infamous singing sand dunes! After driving for over an hour, with no luck finding them, we did come across some natural sand dunes in another area of the desert. The landscape of these dunes was unbelievable.

When we arrived at the sand dunes we had to stop the vehicle and walk because the terrain was becoming a little hard to handle in our awesome Honda Jazz rental vehicle! and I was thinking about wearing flip flops! Good thing I didn't.

Here are some pictures of our arrival
Yield for camel sign! Ha ha.
We did see several camel tracks, so this sign is definitely up for a reason.

Middle of the desert

Jon and Kevin walking to the dunes

We walked quite a ways to get to the sand dune.
Walking up the sand dune was the actual challenge.
The sand just caved under out feet. But it was well worth it!
Here are picture of us climbing the dunes
Look at this handsome guy!

Me climbing the dune

Jon and I

Me being a goof as always (wearing my 405 Fo Sho shirt)
To represent Norman! Although there was no one for miles to see my awesome shirt.

When we finally made it to the top, the sight was amazing. I couldn't believe that a desert setting like this could be so beautiful. You think of a desert as hot, no life, no plants, etc. But it was awesome and I'm so glad that we got a chance to see this place. Singing sand dunes or not, this is what we were supposed to see.

It is amazing how wind moves the sand in such a
way that it creates these magnificent structures.

After playing at the top of the dunes, we thought it would be fun to slide down them! We didn't actually slide, it was more like running down as the sand swallowed half of our legs! But it was exciting and you can see our imprints from the slide down.

Jon at the bottom of the dune. He was so funny the entire time! He acted like he was Bear Grylls from Man Vs. Wild the television show on Discovery Channel. He spoke with a British accent and was trying to find items that we could use for survival in the desert! He found a tarp, a bucket, a knife, an ice chest, and several other things! He was planning to set up camp right there in the middle of the desert. My adventurer!

As the sun was starting to set I wanted to capture some beautiful pictures, and I do believe I did! Of course it's not very hard with this type of scenery!

After taking this picture I thought of you Valerie! It made me think of your post about the footprints in the sand and dancing with Jesus. This is one of my favorite pictures.

Jon and I walking on the top of the dunes

Awe, this made out to be a great picture! Thanks Kevin, you're awesome.

This is special too, Kevin and Jon walking along ;)

Jon and I are so silly!

As you can see by the 100 pictures below I really love sunsets!

This trip to the dunes was probably my favorite adventure in Doha. I was so happy to capture so many great photographs. I would love to come back to this spot on our next trip to Qatar. I know Jon had a great time too, being Bear Grylls for an afternoon, what more could he ask for!


Kristen said...

Those pics are awesome!! I never thought sand could be so beautiful.
I'm so "j" you guys are getting experience so many cool things!
Miss ya!

valerie said...

How cool! I never would have imagined it to be so neat in the desert, in the sand.
That's neat that you thought of the dancing with Jesus in the sand poem. That brought a little tear to my eyes. Very sweet.
I'm so glad Kevin was along so he could take pictures of you and Jon. I love the one of y'all walking along in the sand & kissing. Very neat!
I'm always so glad you take lots of pics and that you share all of what's going on in your life far, far away.
Y'all take care. Tell Jon hello.