Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Hello there everyone! I hope you all are doing great on this Tuesday morning!

Jon and I arrived back home last night from our trip to Budapest. We had a wonderful time, minus the cold temps and the very ridiculous amount of fog that swept over Budapest the last two days we were there! I really think Jon enjoyed his birthday getting to explore a new city. We took the time to check out some museums and learned a lot about Budapest during WWII. I of course took a gagillion pictures, but wanted to separate it a bit per day, so here are pictures from Day 1 in Budapest.

This is the view from our hotel! We really lucked out getting a view of the palace and the bridge.

The Chain Bridge and the view from the bridge.

The Parliament Building

The Danube River at sunset.

I hope you enjoyed our pictures!
I'll be back tomorrow to post pictures from our second day in Budapest!


Annie said...

the pictures are beautiful! you had a great view from your hotel!!

erin - heart in ireland said...

ahhh, i'm so jealous that you got non-fog photos! it was pretty bad sunday and monday with the fog! budapest is such a fun city!