Monday, September 20, 2010

Mont St. Michel

Hello everyone!! How are y'all this Monday?

Monday arrived way too fast for my liking, but I should be used to it by now, as it always arrives way TOOOOOO fast!

This weekend was a nice relaxing weekend. Friday we had dinner with some friends. Saturday we celebrated a birthday with a group from Jon's office, and on Sunday we spent the morning hiking. Our hike was beautiful! The day was perfect, sun shining, cool outside... it couldn't have been better. After our hike we didn't move from the couch for the rest of the day, and watched Parks and Recreation. It's a show Jon came across, and now we are hooked. If you haven't seen the show you should check it out, it's pretty funny. It has Amy Poehler, Rashida Jones, Aziz Ansari and some other funny people. It reminds us of The Office.

Anyway, I meant to post the pictures from the second day of our trip to Normandy last week, but I lost track of time! So instead of babbling, I'll post them for ya.

Here are our pictures from Mont St. Michel.

Inside the walls of Mont St. Michel

Jon bought me a tripod so I could take better quality night shots.
Here are some photos I captured of Mont St. Michel at sundown.

I hope you enjoyed the pictures!
And I hope you all have a wonderful week!!

Happy Monday!


LWLH said...

Gorgeous pics...seriously Steph, let me live in your suitcase?

Rebecca said...

I love your evening photos!

Abbie said...

Oh the nighttime pictures are beautiful Steph! You'll be happy to hear that after drooling over all of your wonderful photos of Europe, I'm FINALLY heading over there this summer! France and Germany to be exact! Perhaps if we're in your neck of the woods we can meet up for a German beer or 5!

lola said...

I visited Mont St. Michel a few.. ok.. more than a few years ago. It is SO gorgeous, but those nighttime photos are AMAZING!

Amanda said...

Beautiful pictures as always!!!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

The photos look amazing!!! Glad to hear you guys are doing well and having fun!