Thursday, February 18, 2010

A Swiss Adventure

Note: Be prepared for a long post with LOTS of pictures!

Hello lovely friends, family and blogging buddies!
How are you all?

WOW, where has time gone? I just realized it has been since February 2 since I've last blogged. Maybe I'm in a blog funk or as some fellow bloggers have called it "A case of the Februaries!"... But, I suppose there hasn't been anything too exciting going on here at the Adventures of Jon and Steph. We have been training for our half marathon that takes place this coming May, we've both been busy with work and daily life happenings, but we did manage to get away last weekend and had a little adventure in Switzerland!

Saturday morning we got up early and made the 4 hour drive to Zurich, Switzerland. The city is like any normal large city with beautiful old buildings and lovely churches. But one thing I loved about Zurich is the river running through the city, which then led to Lake Zurich. When we arrived in the city, we jumped on the tram, and rode it to the center of downtown. We then walked down the river, through the city, to the beginning of the lake. Here are some pictures I took along the way.

Downtown Zurich

Lake Zurich

Before we left for our trip, Jon did a little research, and came across a look out point at one of the mountains in Zurich, at which you can see a panoramic view of all of Zurich and Lake Zurich. Of course we were really interested in seeing this, so Sunday morning we woke up early and headed for the look out point known as Uetliberg. Jon and I LOVE to hike, it's one of our most favorite things to do so we were really excited to see that there was a hiking trail to the top. This hike was one of the most beautiful treks I've ever been on. I had never seen so much snow in my entire life, it was incredible. My friend (and fellow Okie) Jaci commented on one of my pictures on Facebook, that it looked like Narnia! She couldn't have put it better. It was like we were in another world. The pictures really don't do it justice, but of course you know I LOVE to show photos on my blog... So here are some shots from our 3 hour trek.

The viewing tower
The view from the very top!

We had a fantastic time in Zurich and a wonderful Valentines day all thanks to this guy right here!! What a catch ;)
Tomorrow I'll swing back by for a quick recap of the last of our Switzerland adventure! We went to the Rhine Falls about 45 minutes outside of Zurich on the Swiss and German border.

Hope you all have a wonderful Thursday! It's almost the weekend!!


katie + bret said...

How exciting Steph! I would have been stoked to find that hiking trail too - What a view!

I am glad you guys had an amazing Valentine's Day!


Christine said...

wow that is so pretty!!

Brahmin in Boston said...

Wow... now I know where have you been! Haha

It really think you are SO brave to even take your hand out of the glove to click the pictures! My camera is still lying in the bag... I know.. sad

The pictures are VERY beautiful!

Katie said...

those flowers are beautiful! Welcome back!

msprimadonna67 said...

Your pictures are just gorgeous--looks like you had a great trip!

Naturally Caffeinated Family said...

wow, that is soo neat! we LOVE hiking too! so gorgeous and fun!

Jamie said...

Oh WOW! What great scenery! Your pictures are always so well done.

I LOVE hiking too. We hiked in Switzerland when we were there and it was some of the best hiking ever. We first landed in Zurich, but didn’t stick around there. Now I wish we would have.

Annie said...

sounds like you two had a great time!! cute pic of guys!!
your flowers are so pretty!!!
have a great day hun!

Lil' Woman said...

Beautiful pics...I'm going to sneak into your bags so I can go on these great getaways! :) lol

JG said...

So, pretty, even a second time :) Sounds like a fantastic Valentine's trip.

Grand Pooba said...

Well no wonder you haven't blogged for a while!

(Wow, those flowers are gorgeous!)

ALW said...


Abbie said...

Okay, you can't not post for 2 weeks again anymore! I was going through Steph (and Jon!) withdrawals!

Your pictures TOTALLY remind me of Narnia!! I think it's the lamp post that does it for me!

Glad to have you back my friend!