Wednesday, November 17, 2010

O-K-L-A-H-O-M-A, Oklahoma OK!!!

We will be home on SUNDAY! and I cannot express how thrilled I am to be going home for a visit. Like I said previously, it has been almost ONE YEAR since I've seen my family and friends. These year long separations make me long to be home so badly, and we will finally be seeing them in a few shorts days. It will be so good to be in the presence of so many family members and friends. Just like Dorothy said "There's no place like home." and boy was she right.

There are so many things I can't wait to do, like for instance, EAT LOTS of good food. Mexican is the top on our list, specifically Teds Escondido! Eischens, Melting Pot, Iron Star, Oooooh yummy food. And I can't wait to shop, HELLO Target, Hello Hobby Lobby, Hello Penn Square Mall (with all of my favorite clothing stores), Hello Target, and Target. Did I mention I can't wait to shop at TARGET! Hello OU Football!! I can't wait to watch the OU/OSU football game in my own town! HELLO OKLAHOMA! The list of things that I can't wait to do is never ending... so I'll just leave it at this... I CAN'T WAIT FOR OKLAHOMA!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Photo Shoot

Hello everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful Monday! I have a feeling this week is going to move extra slow for me because we are going home on SUNDAY!!! I cannot wait to be back in Oklahoma for a visit. There are so many things I want to do and so many restaurants I can't wait to visit. Not to mention, I have not seen my family or friends for almost a year now... that is WAY too long. I have literally made a list of everything I want and need to do! (Including buy maternity clothes, because baby Barrett is growing fast!!) It is only Tuesday and I have already begun packing... can you tell someone is EXCITED!!!

As I posted yesterday, I'd love to share some of the photographs we had taken on Friday for our Fallish photo shoot. Again, I cannot express how much we love our photographer here. If you live in Germany, please take a moment to check out her blog. She does a FANTASTIC job and I HIGHLY recommend her for any occasion. She has become a super lovely friend and I have such a huge respect for the work she does. Check her out here at JESSICA CEASON PHOTOGRAPHY... and for you Germany folks... HIRE HER... you won't regret it! I promise!

I'll quit blabbing and just post the pictures already:

This picture cracks me up... I was doing a goofy run and Jon looks like he is about to take off in flight! This pretty much sums up Jon and me... GOOFY!
I adore these photographs.
I am so happy that I have these little moments captured forever!

I hope you all have a fantastic Tuesday!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Weekend Update

Well hello lovely friends! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. As always, like I say every Monday... the weekend went by WAY too fast! Happy Monday to you all, because if you're like me, you need a little happy oomph on Mondays.

First off, I wanted to say THANK YOU for the sweet comments about Jon and I having a precious baby girl. We are thrilled! and we are so glad to finally know the gender... of course I CANNOT wait to go shopping!!

Here's a quick weekend recap:

Friday we had pictures taken to announce the gender and she also took some of just Jon and me so we could make our yearly Christmas photo card. If you didn't see Friday's post, here is one of the pictures she took for us, which of course, is my favorite one.

I'll post more pictures from the photo shoot tomorrow. I can't wait to share them with you. She did such an amazing job! I wish I could just hire her to walk around and take pictures of our life here in Germany, so I can remember every special moment of living overseas.
Later Friday, we got to spend the evening with my most favorite little man, Evans! His parents got to have a lovely date night and we got to snuggle with this cutie all night.

Jon made Evans giggle and smile all night.
He is going to be such a wonderful father!

He was such a good baby and I LOVE him to pieces!

Saturday was our errand day, as EVERYTHING in Germany is closed on Sundays. We made a trip to Ikea and grabbed a couple of much needed things for the house. Then ran a couple more errands before we headed back to the house, where we didn't move from the couch for the rest of the day. It was definitely a perfect day to sit on the couch; the weather was so icky.

Sunday we woke up to the most BEAUTIFUL weather. I'm telling you guys, we don't get a lot of these days in Germany so when we do, you better believe we're outside trying to soak up every ounce of the loveliness that we can. We went hiking in one of our favorite areas. Here are some pictures from our adventure.

I LOVE all of the trees and leaves on the ground.

My Bear Grylls in the making.

Capturing the beautiful sun between the trees.

Hiking away!

Jon taking a break in a deer stand, or boar stand.

Trail marker.

I love these trees and the sky looked so beautiful blue.
Like I said friends, this is a rare occasion to see the sky like this.
I think Baby B loved the hike as well!

Here's to a lovely Monday and a lovelier week to you all!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Without Further Ado...

Baby Barrett will be wearing... these!

Check out the wonderful announcement my friend Jessica wrote on her blog.
She took our pictures today.
Isn't this the best, most creative/adorable picture ever?!?

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Holy cow, where has the time gone? It's been forever since I've last blogged. Work has been uber busy and by the time evening rolls around, the last thing I want to do is get on the computer. Everyone says once you enter your 2nd trimester, you get this rush of energy. I have yet to experience this... still waiting for it to come! I am exhausted ALL of the time. But it's worth it knowing the baby Barrett is in there just growing away.

I didn't have a chance to post baby updates, so I will definitely get to that tomorrow, with a couple of belly shots. I realized I am two weeks behind, as today I am 4 MONTHS pregnant! It blows my mind to think I am 16 weeks along already. Sometimes it seems like it's moving so slowly and sometimes it seems like it's moving right along. It's all so very exciting!

I am super excited because... tomorrow we (should be) will be finding out the sex of our baby! Keep your fingers crossed that baby Barrett is not shy. I have my monthly appointment and we'll be able to see baby Barrett's precious self and see how B is growing and progressing. PRETTY PLEASE Keep us in your prayers that baby Barrett is healthy and happy inside of my belly and growing just like he/she is supposed to. We would greatly appreciate any prayers you send a long.

ALSO don't forget to vote on the poll at the top left corner, to tell us whether you think Baby Barrett will be a boy or a girl.

I'll be back tomorrow with belly and pregnancy updates.
And Friday we will reveal the GENDER!!

Have a LOVELY Wednesdays folks!